kids deserve better
The effects of sugar on our children’s health and cognitive function are well documented, yet it’s hard to find a kid’s drink that isn’t full of the stuff…or topped up with artificial sweeteners. We think it’s time to change all that. With natural botanicals, active health benefits and gentle fizz and flavour, Jamu Wild Water is the new kid in town!
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People are going wild for jamu
Surprised how flavoursome the drinks are! All delicious. Each of my three kids has a different favourite. It’s such a relief to have found a tasty fizzy drink to offer them - a healthy treat for them and no guilt for us parents. Love all the branding too. - Alex L
Great product, super fast delivery. -Anonymous
I’m so pleased to have found these drinks! My kids have never been allowed fizzy drinks or juice, so they are thrilled with this - Anonymous
All the flavours taste great and not too sweet, we love them! My 6 year old says "they're amazing" and gave them 10 out of 10. - Anonymous
The packaging of these drinks is great and the drinks themselves are delicious. The lemon one was the family favourite, but they are all good. And no sugar! What’s not to love - Olivia B
A brilliant idea! Have always been reluctant to give the children drinks loaded with sugar and other less than ideal additives. They love them- well done! More flavours soon? - Orlando
At last a healthy alternative to all the other fizzy drinks out there. My kids find water boring so to find something without sugar or sweeteners that tastes delicious is an absolute find. Thanks Jamu! Audrey
These are just what I need to help get my Kids to enjoy a flavoursome drink without the sugar high and nasties. A really nice range of refreshing flavours of drink the whole family can enjoy. Gavin
jamu at large