Naturally flavoured sparkling water
Rewilding from the inside-out
With gut-friendly prebiotic plant fibre and nourishing British-grown botanicals, Jamu Wild Water is a healthier way to hydrate. Our immune-boosting drinks sparkle with natural fruit flavours and gentle sweetness, to be enjoyed by all – and no sugar or artificial sweeteners in sight! It’s all part of our mission to embrace nature-led living that rewilds from the inside-out.
everyones’ going wild for jamu
Tastes lovely and refreshing, all the flavours are great and they are an amazing addition to our Gym James G
Blood orange and Echinacea is my favourite because it was a balance between sweet and fruity. This is a great drink and I love the way that you can’t notice there isn’t any sugar and unlike most fizzy drinks you can’t feel the sugar burning your teeth. But all the flavours are great. Very refreshing!
Love these products. An amazing alternative to plain water and the 3 flavours are lovely! Found it by chance at a free from festival and I just love the flexibility of ordering as well as the taste. Would really recommend! Plus customer service from a smaller independently owned place is always better as well. Nathalie V
The timing of the delivery in the midst of a heat wave could not have been better. Parents and children alike are enjoying the refreshment provided by Wild Water. Christopher
These are just what I need to help get my Kids to enjoy a flavoursome drink without the sugar high and nasties. A really nice range of refreshing flavours of drink the whole family can enjoy. Gavin
Loved the packaging and branding. Such delicious flavours and not only did my granddaughter like them but so did I!!! The blood orange one was our favourite. Emma O
At last a healthy alternative to all the other fizzy drinks out there. My kids find water boring so to find something without sugar or sweeteners that tastes delicious is an absolute find. Thanks Jamu! Audrey
Lovely sparkly drinks. Very refreshing. Tarka B
jamu at large