How to Celebrate the Spring Equinox | 8 Traditions

The arrival of Spring has held a special place in cultures around the world. As nature awakens, humans have always associated this time of year with renewal, growth and new beginnings.

Falling on either the 19th, 20th or 21st of March, the Spring Equinox is the day on which daylight is equal to night. The midway point between the Winter Solstice (the shortest day) and the Summer Solstice (the longest day).

The Spring (Vernal) Equinox marks a very poignant celestial moment within the cycle of the year — the astronomical beginning of Spring! It’s one of the year’s best seasonal events to connect with nature here in the UK.


Who celebrated the Spring Equinox?

By tracking the movement of the sun, ancient cultures around the world recognised the Spring Equinox as the beginning of Spring. The dormancy and challenging cold of Winter is over, and the warmth and light of Spring is on its way

Here in the UK, the Spring Equinox formed one of the 8 festivals of the Wheel of the Year for ancient Pagans. It was celebrated by pagans as a festival known as Ostara, the name of which has links to the Germanic Goddess of Spring, Eostre.

 Looking between two stones at Stonehenge to see two other standing stones.


Who celebrates the Spring Equinox today?

While the Spring Equinox began as a celebration linked to Goddesses and Gods, its connection to the earth and the seasons makes it a celebration that simply marks a poignant time in nature’s calendar.

Today the Spring Equinox is celebrated by neopagans, druids and Wiccans, but also nature lovers who want to connect with the seasons and celebrate the astronomical beginning of Spring.


8 ways to celebrate the Spring Equinox in the UK

Since the Winter Solstice, the days have been getting lighter and brighter — it’s time to celebrate the warmth and light of Spring!

Here are 8 ways to celebrate the Spring Equinox here in the UK

1. Head outdoors

There’s no better way to celebrate and connect with Spring than to head out into the crisp, fresh Spring air. On a walk through the woods or through a local park, take time to notice how nature is changing

Noticing nature is a great way to connect with the changing seasons and deepen your connection with nature. Try to learn the names of 3 different plants, birds or mushrooms that you don’t recognise.

A woodland in Spring, the floor is coated in a sea of wild garlic plants with tiny white flowers. 

2. Spring clean

Spring has long been associated with renewal and new beginnings. In fact, the act of ‘Spring Cleaning’ is thought to be linked to the ancient Middle Eastern Spring Equinox celebrations of Nowruz, where houses are thoroughly cleaned to welcome the Spring.

Throw open the windows, and cleanse your space. Whether that’s simply cleaning inside your home or sorting through wardrobes and drawers to remove any unneeded items.

Two brown glass cleaning bottles with black spray tops. One has a label that reads "Bathroom Cleaner", the other reads "Kitchen Cleaner".


3. Create a Spring arrangement or 'altar'

You could create an arrangement of foliage and flowers for your mantle piece or a mini display of Spring objects on a bookshelf. Any objects which remind of you Spring.

Many people also place candles in their arrangements to symbolise the warmth of the returning sun.

An arrangement of yellow Spring flowers with a candle and a cup of tea.


4. Create or review aspirations for the year

Brighter days always bring a warming positivity to the air. Spring is the perfect time to set intentions or review your hopes and goals for the year ahead.

Maybe this year you’re looking to take better care of yourself, perhaps by looking after your gut microbiome with more fibre (Jamu Wild Water can help!) or reconnecting with nature.

 A ring bound journal folded open on a blank page. A pink pen and purple flowers sit on the page.


5. Plant seeds

With its links to growth and new life, the Spring Equinox is the perfect time to start planting seeds!

It’s the beginning of the growing season for many gardens, so start sowing some of your favourite veggies or make a plan to fill your garden, patio or balcony with veggies and flowers you’ve sown yourself.

A seedling tray filled with compost and seedlings.


6. Observe the sunrise

While the Spring Equinox is often associated with a sunrise gathering at Stonehenge, you don’t need to make a long car journey to celebrate the sun!

Waking up at dawn to watch the sunrise (or skies lighten if it's cloudy!) is a simple yet poignant way to recognise the returning warmth of the sun.

A sunrise with the sun low on the horizon. The sky is a cool blue and fades from peach to pink as it nears the horizon. Leafless foliage can be seen in the foreground.


7. Create something

At a time associated with rejuvenation and renewal, being creative and trying out new hobbies or ideas is a great way to celebrate Spring.

You could create a Spring-themed wreath for your front door. Or, with Easter and the Spring Equinox so closely associated together, you could even create some natural dyes for DIY easter egg decorating!

Looking down on a table of glass jars filled with natural plant dyes and eggs ready to be dyed.


8. Throw a Spring feast

Make a yearly tradition to gather together with friends and/or family to enjoy each other's company and celebrate the warm, light days ahead. Enjoy seasonal veggies like artichoke, chicory, carrots, leeks, sorrel, spring onions, parsnips, rhubarb, and new potatoes!

A table spread with places set ready for guests. The table is filled with pans and dishes of food.

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