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Gut Health & Prebiotics
a daily dose of prebiotic fibre

Every can of Jamu Wild Water contains 100% of your daily prebiotic requirements and 17% of fibre*.

It’s all good stuff for your gut’s microbiome, thanks to the wonder-plant that is Chicory Root Inulin.

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the low down on gut health

There are lots of buzzwords around gut health, so let’s break it down.


Probiotics are good bacteria that live in our bodies and are also found in certain fermented foods like kefir and kimchi. Eating these foods helps maintain and rebalance our gut microbiome – but only with the help of Prebiotics...

Prebiotics feed probiotics – the fuel to their fire! They nourish the good bacteria that’s already in the gut and provide beneficial compounds that regulate the immune system, inflammation and help keep us regular.

Prebiotics are found naturally in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes. And of course, every can of Jamu Wild Water contains 5g of prebiotic plant fibre.

The gut microbiome is a collective term for the trillions of good bacteria (also called probiotics or microbes), found in our bodies; 95% of which live in the large intestine, meaning they’re easily affected by the foods and drinks we consume. A healthy human microbiome is made up of lots of different types of good bacteria and directly supports things like immunity, sleep, mental health, skin health and digestion. To thrive, it needs a healthy, varied diet rich in wholefoods and prebiotic fibre.

The problem is, modern diets are high in sugar, artificial sweeteners and fat and low in fibre – the average Brit only eats 2/3 of their recommended daily requirements – and it’s seriously affecting the health and diversity of our microbiome and in turn, our overall health.

Fibres are non-digestible plant-derived carbohydrates present in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes. Most children and adults do not eat enough fibre, yet the health benefits include regular bowel movements, supporting mineral absorption and the immune system, regulating blood sugar levels and helping us to feel full. Every can of Jamu Wild Water contains 17% of an adult’s recommended daily intake of fibre and 20% of an 11-15 year old’s*.

Chicory Root Inulin is both a plant fibre and prebiotic. It’s the natural ingredient we use to give Jamu Wild Water its gut health credentials. Without the nourishment provided by prebiotic fibre, the naturally occurring good bacteria in our bodies and the probiotics that we consume, cannot survive and thrive.

Prebiotics at a glance

functional benefits

Support & feed probiotics

Increase ratio of good to bad gut bacteria

Enhance probiotic long term survival

Health benefits

Stronger immune system

Improved digestion & bowel movements

Better nutrient absorption

Emerging Science

Early research suggests that prebiotics reduce stress, anxiety and may help alleviate depression and mood ailments.

Food Sources

Chicory Root



Jerusalem Artichoke

Dandelion Greens






The average adult needs 3-5g per day
For optimal benefit, consume a variety of prebiotics daily
1 can = 5g prebiotic fibre
*20% RDA Fibre for ages 11-15yrs & 17% RDA for adults*Jamu Wild Water contains 5g of your 12g per day chicory inulin which contributes to normal bowel function by increasing stool frequency