What is Jamu Wild Water?
Put simply, it’s a functional sparkling water with natural fruit flavours, prebiotic fibre to nourish the good bacteria in our gut, and British-grown plant extracts and vitamins to support the immune system. Furthermore there's absolutely no sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Now that's wild!
What’s wrong with tap water?
Where can I buy Jamu Wild Water?
How can I stock Jamu Wild Water?
What is #drinkrewild about?


Is Jamu Wild Water healthy?
What is Jamu Wild Water sweetened with if it’s not sugar or artificial sweeteners?
What’s so special about the ingredients in Jamu Wild Water?
what are prebiotics?
What are botanicals?
Does Jamu Wild Water contain caffeine?
Is Jamu Wild Water vegan?
Is Jamu Wild Water allergen free?
Is Jamu Wild Water non-GMO?


How eco friendly is Jamu Wild Water’s packaging?
How sustainable is Jamu Wild Water’s supply chain?
Why doesn’t Jamu Wild Water show its carbon footprint?
What are Jamu Wild Water’s charitable partners about?


Where do you ship to and how much does it cost?
How long does delivery take?
What do I do if all or part of my order is missing?
What do I do if my order is damaged?
Can I return my order or change my mind?


How do I get a reoccurring subscription of Jamu Wild Water?
How do I change my subscription flavour?
How do I pause or cancel my subscription?
When will I receive my subscription order?
What are the perks of a subscription?
Why should I subscribe if I’ve never tried Jamu Wild Water before?


What forms of payment do you accept?
How long does it take to process a refund?
Is my payment information safe?
How can I update the payment information for my subscription?
When are subscription payments taken from my account?
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