How to Pack a Delicious and Healthy Picnic (That Kids Will Love!)
In the June sunshine, as hedgerows and meadows begin to hum with thetwittering of sparrows and the buzz of bees, families around the UK
prepare to take lunch outside. It’s finally picnic time!  To celebrate this national pastime — and its important link to the outdoors — National Picnic Week began in 2005. It runs from the 18th to the 26th of June each year. When wildflowers are at their peak and fresh summer fruit and veg are beginning to ripen.

Picnics have long been a part of British culture, with each of us
picnicking, on average, at least 3 times a year!

A British summertime tradition — or is it?  While we often associate picnics with British summertime, did you know that the art of picnicking actually began in France? In the 17th century, as parks opened up to the public, people sat together and brought food to share at a ‘pique-nique’!
The best part of a picnic is getting outside into nature and enjoying the warmer weather. But the second-best part is of course all the tasty food we get to share!

Choosing healthy picnic food (that kids will love!)

Assembling a picnic can be a tricky business. Keeping things cool. Covering all the food bases. Arranging the hamper like a mini game of Tetris. Not to mention making healthy food and snack choices.
To inspire your next picnic outing (perhaps this National Picnic Week!) we’ve created a list of delicious and healthy picnic food ideas for all 5 of
the Eatwell food groups.  All together they form a balanced meal and a
healthy picnic that will keep everyone energised. Let’s dig in!
Fruit and Vegetables

To meet our daily vitamin and mineral requirements, we need a happy
mix of fruit and veg to keep us in tip-top shape.
For loose fruits, choose things that travel well, like oranges, apples and pears.
To mix things up, you could pre-slice segments of fruit or even create mini fruit salad tubs with reusable forks.
You could also pre-prepare sticks of vegetables, like carrots and celeryto dip into hummus or homemade salsa. Snap peas and radishes arealso a great veg option for kids to snack on!

Grains and Complex Carbohydrates

Unlike simple carbohydrates like sugar and too much pasta, which our bodies burn through very quickly, complex carbohydrates break down slowly and provide us with energy for much longer period, which is why they are much better for us.
Some great picnic options include:
Filling wraps and sandwiches with everyone’s favourite fillings! From avocado and chicken sandwiches to hummus and cucumber roll-ups.
A tasty quinoa, pasta or couscous salad with a mix of tasty veg, cheese or guacamole.
A cold salad on a hot day is extra delicious!Overnight oats, with grated apple/mixed berries, maple syrup & yoghurt - put everything in a jar the night before and voila!


There are lots of tasty ways to bring protein into your picnic...
Hummus is a protein-packed picnic food that will help you feel fuller for longer. It pairs perfectly with carrot, celery and cucumber sticks!
No-Bake Energy Balls. Packed full of healthy fats, fibre and protein,energy balls can be filled with ingredients like cocoa, coconut, chickpeas, honey or peanut butter. They also provide a deliciously sweet alternative to high-sugar snacks.
Hard boiled eggs - nutritious, delicious and packed full of protein, eggs are the perfect picnic companion. Their also small enough to stash in your pocket if you don't think your hunger will last you to your picnic destination. Just remember to hard boil them first!

Dairy & Healthy Fats
Cheese is marvellous and so versatile - by itself, in a sandwich, a salad or even a dressing.  A little goes a long way and it's packed with Calcium for strong bones.
Nuts - are also packed full of nutrients and healthy fats, they're great travel companions and are the perfect crunchy alternative to crisps.  We love the fact that theres so many types of nuts and almost everyone has a favourite.  Our favourites are walnuts, which are high in Omega-3 fatty acids and phytonutrients, and have been shown to support both brain and gut health.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

While you’re busy prepping tubs of healthy snacks, wraps and sandwiches, don’t forget to pack some hydrating refreshments too!
Full of gentle fizz and refreshing fruity flavour, our Jamu Wild Water drinks are packed full of actively nourishing botanicals that will keep mini adventurers hydrated. They’re 100% natural and free from added sugars or artificial sweeteners!  Their compact size makes them easy to pack inside backpacks or a picnic hamper. Plus, they’re easy to hand out and share while everyone’s sat enjoying the view and natural surroundings! Just make sure to pack them back inside the backpack to recycle later.
Picnics go hand in hand with enjoying nature.  Sharing food with friends and family outdoors is an extra special way to enjoy the natural world.
Sitting in the dappled shade of a tree you might make a daisy chain or watch butterflies in a meadow. Or, if you’re picnicking next to a tinkling stream, you might go barefoot and feel the cool water wash over your toes.

Snacking on deliciously healthy picnic food in nature is definitely time
well spent! With screen time at an all-time high, picnics are a fantastic way to re-wild children and share the natural world together.
So enjoy your next healthy picnic outside in nature, and don’t forget to
stay hydrated!
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