Enjoy Nature
Even eco-warriors need time to relax! Getting closer to nature is great for our wellbeing - our mental and physical health. It also helps us to understand the many micro-habitats around us and appreciate all creatures great and small. Here are some ideas to inspire you.
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Take your socks off and enjoy the sensation of bare feet on soft grass or sand, or if you’re feeling brave, squelch around in mud!

Watch the birds from your park or garden. See how many you can identify. Get more info here.

Pick daisies in the park and thread them to make necklaces and crowns. Get tips here.

See carpets of blue and purple flowers when you walk in bluebell woods from mid-April to May. Find the best places to go here.

Watch butterflies flutter around their favourite plants, including Buddleia, Verbena and herbs. See which ones you can identify. Get more info here.

In your garden, on the trampoline or out in the wild, encourage your family to spend a night sleeping under the stars.

Watch the clouds go buy and see if they remind you of objects, animals or shapes.  (Never look directly at the sun.)

Learn how to play conkers and win! Get more info here.

Pay proper attention to bird song and see if you can identify birds by sound alone. Listen to the most common bird sounds here

Indoors or outdoors, get your family together to build a den (and don’t forget to send us a picture). Get inspired here.

Head to your local park or river to feed the ducks. Get more info about what to feed them here.

Find wild food in parks, woods and hedgerows. (Do not eat any wild plant unless you are 100% certain of its identification, the fun is in the finding not necessarily the eating.) Get more info and tips here.

Get to the park on a windy day and fly a kite. Find out how to make one here.

Collect leaves of different shapes and colours and artfully combine them to create a masterpiece. (Don’t forget to send us pictures of your artwork.) Check out the environmental artist Tim Pugh for inspiration here

Make a masterpiece from mud (and don’t forget to send us a picture). Find out how here.

Look out the window while you’re having breakfast and see what wildlife you can spot.

Think of somewhere you go regularly where you wouldn’t expect to see wildlife or nature. Next time you’re there, see if you can spot anything, even if it’s tiny!

Have a paddle in some shallow water at the beach or in a stream.

Design and paint a lovely flat stone. Keep it for yourself or hide it for someone to find! Get more info about ‘Love on the Rocks UK’ here.

Spend time having a picnic outdoors with family and friends.

Find a friend, some sticks, and a bridge over a stream and you’re set. Get more info here.

Use pressed flowers and leaves to make beautiful craft (and don’t forget to send us pictures of your creations). Find out how here.

Create a cool piece of art from anything you can find in nature (and don’t forget to send us a picture). Get more info here.

On a nice day, sit outside and read a book.

Just for the fun of it, lie on your side and roll!

Find a large area of water and some flat stones and see how many bounces you can make.

Go outside and watch the stars on a clear night. (Check with a grown up first). See what stars you might see here.

Sit back, relax and watch a sunset until the sun goes down.

Crunch and crack the frozen puddles on a cold winter morning.

Go online and watch wildlife from anywhere in the world in real time. (Let us know your favourites.) Find nature webcams here and here.

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Encourage the little adventurers in your life to enjoy nature by downloading and printing our action chart & stickers
Enjoy Nature Action Chart
Enjoy Nature Action Stickers
Enjoy Nature ‘Colour Your Own’ Action Stickers
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