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I’m really conscious about how much sugar my son gets so these drinks are amazing! He really likes the flavours. TBH, I’ve tried them too and they are genuinely delicious and refreshing. Also love that they have Vit C & prebiotics. Super happy with these and would definitely recommend. Alex
What a find!! I have been looking for something that isn’t full of sugar, caffeine or artificial sweeteners, for AGES that my kids will actually enjoy. With these they feel they are having a ‘treat’ and I don’t have to feel guilty - like I would with other flavoured or fizzy drinks. Perfect size too! Carly
At last a healthy alternative to all the other fizzy drinks out there. My kids find water boring so to find something without sugar or sweeteners that tastes delicious is an absolute find. Thanks Jamu! Audrey
These are just what I need to help get my Kids to enjoy a flavoursome drink without the sugar high and nasties. A really nice range of refreshing flavours of drink the whole family can enjoy. Gavin