Understanding the Jamu Wild Water Nutritional Label

How often do you check the nutritional label of a product whilst on a supermarket shop? Or while grabbing an on-the-go lunch?

Required by law, the ingredients list and nutritional break down of a product helps us all make informed decisions about what we’re actually including in our diet.

Unfortunately, a lot of drinks brands reach for big flavours with ingredients that are simply unhealthy (excess added sugar). Others claim to be sugar-free and healthy, yet are actually filled with long lists of artificial ingredients (providing zero nutrition value, and at worst, interfering with cognitive and behavioural processes).

Even fruit smoothies provide unhealthy amounts of sugar, as a large quantity of 'free sugar' is consumed without the additional, beneficial fibre that comes with eating whole fruit.


Why is Jamu different?

Jamu Wild Water was created to be a healthy, and more importantly, nourishing drink. We’ve even won awards for it!

To us, adding certain ingredients and nutrients to Jamu was just as important as the ones we wanted to leave out.

Below, we’ve broken down the Jamu Wild Water ingredients list and nutritional label to help you understand what makes Jamu stand out from the crowd.


Keeping our ingredients list short and sweet

Co-founders Tahi and Patrick saw a gaping hole in the type of drinks available on supermarket and cafe shelves. There was a lack of drinks that were nourishing and tasty, as well as healthy.

Being healthy doesn’t just mean low in fat and sugar. Healthy means ‘good for you’. And the additional nourishing ingredients found in Jamu are there to be just that! 


What do we include?

Here’s the official Jamu Wild Water ingredients list

Sparkling Water, chicory root inulin, lemon juice from concentrate, natural flavourings, natural sweetness enhancer; erythritol, natural sweetener; steviol glycosides, zinc lactate and vitamin C.

And our official description: Naturally flavoured sparkling water with botanicals and vitamins.


Of course, to create each fabulous flavour, we add 'natural flavourings'.  These are plant compounds that have been isolated and extracted from a plant source and used to create the flavour profile of our drinks.  Unlike juicing ingredients, which squashes fruit and removes the fibre, natural flavourings isolate essential oils and aroma molecules from the fruit or plant to create a concentrated flavour without impurities or the fruit sugars.

In each of our delicious flavours you’ll also find:

Raspberry:  Elderberry and marshmallow extracts (0.27%).

Lemon: Dandelion and Nettle extracts (0.3%).

Blood Orange: Echinacea extract (0.2%).

And it's as simple as that!


What do we exclude?

Unlike many other soft drinks and juices on the market, you won’t find any of the following ingredients in Jamu Wild Water

  • Added sugar
  • Artificial preservatives
  • Artificial sweeteners

Zero, zip, zilch!


What makes Jamu Wild Water sweet? 

So, if Jamu contains zero sugar and zero artificial sweeteners, how is it still so sweet and tasty?

In our ingredients list above, you’ll have noticed our natural sweetener, steviol glycoside and a natural sweetness enhancer, erythritol.

Erythritol is a sweet, plant-based compound that can be extracted from plants using aerobic microorganisms. It has no effect on glucose or insulin levels, making it suitable for anyone with diabetes.

Stevia glycosides are natural, plant-based sweeteners that are extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant. A little goes a long way, as stevia leaves can be up to 300 times sweeter than table sugar!

It’s a brilliant, zero-calorie, alternative to sugar, that’s healthier for your whole body — including your teeth! Plus it's also suitable for diabetics.

Sugary drinks are one of the main culprits when it comes to the excess sugar in our diets. It contributes to poor gut and dental health as well as many other physical and mental health issues. So watching how much you consume is important.


Our star ingredients 

There are 3 ingredients on the Jamu Wild Water ingredients list that are actively nourishing. They are chicory root inulin, vitamin C and zinc.  

Chicory root inulin is a prebiotic fibre that is incredibly good for gut health. You’ll find 5 grams of it in every can, which contributes a whopping 100% of your daily prebiotic requirement, and 17% of your daily dietary fibre requirement.

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient that supports our immune systems, protects cells and also, crucially, helps us absorb iron! Each 250ml serve contains 38% of your recommended daily amount (RDA)

Zinc also helps to support our immune systems and metabolism. But it's also directly linked to maintaining vision and the health of our skin, bones, hair and nails!  Again, in each 250ml serve you'll find 38% RDA of Zinc!


Brilliant botanicals 

As you may have spotted, in each Jamu Wild Water flavour you’ll find brilliant botanicals like echinacea or marshmallow (the wildflower, not the sugary treat!).

Drawing upon her Maori heritage, co-founder Tahi looked to nature to find ingredients that could make Jamu even more nourishing.

Each botanical has been specially chosen for its highly nourishing compounds. Marshmallow roots contain more microbiome-friendly prebiotic fibre. Nettles are considered a wild superfood and are packed with minerals and phyto-nutrients. And dandelions are rich in anti-oxidants.

These wild botanical ingredients help us to rewild our microbiomes and ultimately help us reconnect with nature.


Jamu’s Nutritional information

So what do we get nutritionally from these ingredients? Here’s a breakdown of the nutrition you can expect from every Jamu can.


Typical Values Per 100ml  Per 250ml serving
Energy 31kJ/7kcal 78kJ/18kcal
Fat 0g 0g
(of which saturates) 0g 0g
Carbohydrate <0.4g <1g
(of which sugars) <0.4g <1g
Fibre 2.0g (10% RDA*) 5g (25% RDA*)
Protein 0g 0g
Salt <0.01g <0.03g
Vitamin C 12mg (15% RDA) 30mg (38% RDA)
Zinc 1.5mg (15% RDA) 3.8mg (38% RDA)


* Based on UK Government Guidelines for children aged 5-11 years. 20% for ages 11-15yrs, 17% for 16yrs - adulthood.

As well as being free from fats and sugars, a single can of Jamu Wild Water contributes to your recommended daily amount (RDA) of fibre, vitamin C and zinc!


Jamu vs Sugar-Filled Soft Drinks & Juices

Supermarkets or cafes, check out the label of the next drink you reach for. You’ll likely be surprised at the additional ingredients lurking in other brands. From added sugar to artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Here at Jamu, we’re passionate about keeping things simple and 100% natural, helping you re-wild from the inside out!

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