A Round-Up of Achievements for 2022

As we celebrate the New Year, setting our intentions and hopefully ingraining a few healthy habits - determined to start the NY as we mean to go on, we also reflect on some of our achievements from 2022.  In particular our wins at last years Nourish Awards - the UK's leading health food awards.

We are very proud to have celebrated a Gold, Silver and Bronze across not one, but two categories.


So, what did we win?!

In the ‘Free-From Category’ we took Gold, with our tasty Sparkling Lemon with Dandelion drink. Which is of course free-from sugar, artificial sweeteners and preservatives!

And in the ‘Beverages Category’ we managed to snag a Silver & Bronze, again with our Sparkling Lemon with Dandelion and Sparkling Raspberry with Elderberry drinks! Both were recognised for their flavour profile and nourishing ingredients.

After launching in Febuary 2022, our goal was to bring a nourishing, zero-sugar, drink to the market. So, naturally, we’re really honoured to have our recipes recognised in this way!

3 Jamu Wild Water cans against a cream background. Raspberry (pink packaging), Lemon (yellow packaging) and Blood Orange (orange packaging). 


What are the Nourish Awards?

With so many food products filled with refined sugars, allergens and preservatives, the Nourish Awards were created to highlight brands that are doing things a bit differently. The goal is to put a spotlight on brands that are putting health and nutrition at the forefront of what they do.

Each year, entrants are rigorously screened, before coming up against a meticulous panel of judges. Products are then blind-tested and judged by a panel of industry experts, dieticians and nutritionists.

The Nourish Awards sets itself apart from other UK food and drink awards as each judge is on the lookout, not just for high quality and great flavour, but for nourishing recipes and innovative ideas too. This includes ‘free-from’ products that exclude artificial chemicals, allergens and also animal products.


Championing tasty and nutritional products

Two of the most popular methods for advertising food and drink are to highlight BIG flavour or a low-calorie count. However, there’s now a growing movement of brands that put nourishment and health at the centre of their brand ethos. Nourishing food keeps our minds and bodies healthy, and that’s what the Nourish Awards aims to celebrate!

Our win this year was in the company of some fantastic products and brands. From baked goods to store cupboard essentials, we’re honoured to be amongst other UK businesses, little and large, who are championing delicious, healthy and nutritious products.


How are our recipes nourishing?

The Jamu Mission was to provide an alternative to the high sugar content that lurks in so many drinks products (there’s no sugar coating it, sugar is everywhere!).

Finding healthy drinks, other than water, can be a challenge. For dinner times, special occasions and days out, we often turn to sugary soft drinks as a sweet treat. And as parents, we are generally left with really limited options.

So, as a trained chef, Jamu Wild Water co-founder Tahi instead turned to a natural sweetener known as the stevia plant. Paired with other brilliant botanicals and gut-friendly prebiotic fibre (from chicory roots), each recipe has been specially crafted to provide families with a nourishing boost.


What’s next?

We’d like to say a big thank you to the organisers, judges, and of course the Nourish Awards founder, Diana Babics. Not only for their support, but for creating a platform that puts nourishment under the spotlight.

It’s brilliant to be recognised for our work so far. But it doesn’t stop there. Now, we’re even more inspired to keep bringing highly nourishing and wonderfully tasty products to children and families across the UK. And of course to continue our #ReWild mission to get young people and families re-connected with nature!

Let’s get to work!

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