Protect Nature
We need to stop taking more than we give back. Wild habitats and natural resources are under threat. Here are some ways you can help.
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Did you know you can rescue unsold food from shops and restaurants before it gets thrown away? Get more info here.

Encourage your family to buy goods from local producers and shops. Fewer transportation miles are better for the environment. 

Help protect wildlife such as birds, mice and voles from being caught by your cat.

Ask for half portions at restaurants if you think a full one might be too big, or take your leftovers home for the next day!

Encourage your family to use natural cleaners you can make at home. Not only do they save plastic and water pollution, they’re also much cheaper. Get more info here.

Check if the big brands you buy use sustainable RSPO palm oil. If not, ask them to change it! Get more info here and here.

It’s crazy, but most teabags contain plastic! Encourage your family to switch to loose leaf tea or brands that have plastic-free bags. Get more info here (tip#2).

Encourage your family to try meat-free Mondays and if you’re already doing that, do one or two more days! Get more info and recipe ideas here.

Anything left on stand-by still uses energy. Turn off things like chargers and TVs at the mains when you’re not using them.

Save raw materials and energy. Ask yourself if you really need more stuff before buying it. Can you swap or borrow it instead?

Remember to take reusable bags with you when you go shopping and help cut down on single use plastics.

If your family cooks too much food, freeze it for another day or turn it into something else for the next day’s meal. Get more info here and here.

Save energy and water by re-wearing your clothes. Throw only dirty clothes in your washing bin. Get more info here (tip #3).

Help monitor nature in your area – the information you provide helps conservationists protect the environment. Get info of some recording schemes here and here.

Send your local MP a
letter asking them to do more to help fight the climate crisis and improve
biodiversity. Get more info here.

Help our family create meal planners for the week ahead, take ‘shelfies’ – a photo of your shelves and fridge so you can check what you’ve got already and only buy the food you need. Get more info here.

Don’t let the tap run while you’re brushing your teeth or washing your hands.

Before buying something new, see if you can find it second hand instead. Ask a grown up to help you.

Save water and energy by cutting your shower time by 1 or 2 minutes.

Try to avoid buying anything plastic, especially things you will only use once. Complain to companies that over-package or that use plastic unnecessarily.

Encourage your family to get heating and electricity for your home from renewable energies like the wind, sun and sea. Get more info here.

Most sun cream brands use chemicals that are harmful to sea life. Switch to an eco-friendly one instead. Get more info here.

If you’re bored of your same old toys and games, get together with friends and see what you can swap and share or join a toy swap scheme like Whirli. Get more info here.

Funny looking fruit and veg is often thrown away because people don’t want to buy them. Help give wonky produce a home! Get more info here.

Get creative by thinking about how you can reuse anything you might ordinarily throw away. Hunt #upcycling on Instagram or Pinterest and get more ideas here.

Encourage your family to buy sustainable fish and avoid species that are under threat. To see which fish are the best options see here.

Encourage your family to buy sustainable fish and avoid species that are under threat. To see which fish are the best options see here.

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Encourage the little adventurers in your life to protect nature by downloading and printing our action chart & stickers
Protect Nature Action Chart
Protect Nature Action Stickers
Protect Nature ‘Colour Your Own’ Action Stickers
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