Restore Nature
It’s crazy to think that the natural world is shrinking! It’s making life tough for all sorts of animals because their homes are being destroyed. Here are some ways to help repair nature.
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If you’ve got a garden, ask your family to keep an area of grass unmown to let dandelions and thistles go wild!

Build a home for solitary bees. Find out how here.

Ask your school or local community group to find out about the Woodland Trust's free trees programme. Get more info here or if you live in Wales take a look here.

Create a space for bees to stop and have a drink. Find out how here.

Make bird feeders in the winter when food stocks are low. You don’t even need a garden, just a tree or somewhere to hang them. Find out how here.

If you’ve got lots of concrete in your yard or garden, make it greener using pots planted with fruit, veg and pollinator friendly plants.

Grow delicious fruit and veg at home – pollinators will love them too. Find out how here.

Ask a grown up to help create a hedgehog highway in your garden. Find out how here.

Collect litter in your area to create a better environment. Get more info from Keep Britain Tidy #litterheroes   here.

Create a village for all things creepy crawly – build a log pile! Find out how here.

Encourage your family to buy organic if they can. Organic farming uses fewer pesticides, has healthier soils and is better for nature.

Help reduce waste and improve soil by encouraging your family to create a compost. Find out how here and here.

Encourage your family to support businesses that use a percentage of profits to plant trees or fund reforestation projects.

Create a nectar café for insects by planting wild flowers and plants in your garden. Find out which ones are best and how to do it here.

Encourage your family to build a wildlife pond or bog. Whether you have a big or small space, find out how here.

Help your family reduce garden weeds by hand rather than spraying with weed killer.

Switch from Google to Ecosia for web searches and you’ll help plant a tree every time you look something up. Get more info here.

If you see a bee that’s too tired to fly, ask an adult to help you give them a sugar water energy boost. Find out how here.

for wild kids
Encourage the little adventurers in your life to restore nature by downloading and printing our action chart & stickers
Restore Nature Action Chart
Restore Nature Action Stickers
Restore the Planet ‘Colour Your Own’ Action Stickers
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