change the world, one step at a time

Calling for everyday activists and wild adventurers, whoever you are and wherever you are, the planet needs you!

When we all take small steps to change simple everyday acts, we can make giant leaps forward.

There are three main ways you, your family, your friends and
your community can help the natural world: PROTECT nature. RESTORE nature. ENJOY nature. Click below to find out more. And if that’s not enough, coming soon will be the chance to WIN all sorts of amazing prizes and help nature at the same

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info for parents
The aim of the Jamu Wild Kids Club is to encourage families to connect with and protect nature by spending more time outdoors, and noticing nature. We will occasionally send product discounts or offers to members, but first and foremost, we want our club to be a positive community of young eco-enthusiasts and budding ecologists.